Reports of unsafe meat products exported into Japan from Brazil

22nd March 2017

In light of recent news reports of the Federal Court investigation into several meat packing facilities in Brazil, we would like to assure our customers and consumers in Japan that meat produced at BRF facilities has neither been accused of contamination nor unsafe for human consumption.

Firstly, BRF would like to highlight that none of the products currently in the Japan market comes from the temporarily closed plant - Mineiros (SIF 1010). The plant has not exported any products to Japan in the last two years.  
As one of the biggest chicken and pork exporters in the world, BRF takes its products’ safety and quality very seriously. BRF states categorically that it has never sold rotten or unsafe meat, and it has never been accused of doing so. The products found to be past their best-before-date in the investigation were not BRF products, as confirmed by the Court Order that oversaw the operation.
The operation targeted dozens of Brazilian meat companies around the alleged bribery of government officials and falsification of documents. BRF is fully cooperating with the investigations and will lend all its support to the authorities. BRF does not tolerate any failure to comply with its Transparency Manual, the Brazilian legislation or with the legislation of the 150 countries to which it exports its products.
BRF is confident of our strict quality standards and stands by the integrity of our products. BRF complies with the legislation of Brazil and follows international food safety standards. Our plants have the highest international food safety certifications, including BRC and IFS, and other globally recognized certifications such as Global G.A.P., ISO 18001 and ISO 27001. Our products follow HACCP, a preventive food safety management system assessing risks of microbiological, physical and chemical hazards at every single step in the manufacture, storage and distribution to the supermarket stores and warehouses, guarantying consumers’ safety and health.
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